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Pedano takes care of the Guest house inn‘s guest’s good sleep on an everyday base: every room is equipped with the ‘Dormire Pedano’ System: beds and mattress in 100% natural matherials, handcrafted furniture with an essential and refined design.
Thanks to this collaboration, we learned so much about what the ideal contidions to achieve the (almost)
perfect sleep are
and to spend a peaceful and regenerating night.

Here are some suggestions we want to share with you, to SLEEP BETTER in 12 easy steps. Let’s start with the first two suggestions.


Do you know why you feel better when you wake up then when you fell asleep? Not only because you have pulled the plug and rested mentally and physically for a few hours, but also because during sleep the body activates a series of processes that we could define as self-healing. There’s nothing that could disturb this phase, just the metals in the bed.
This, is appropriate to say, is a nightmare. Most of the beds, when they don’t have a metal structure, they surely have a net made by wooden slats and a metal frame, and “Metals in bed” – the Berlin court ruled – “modify the natural terrestrial electromagnetic field and could have negative effects on the sleeper”: sleeping inside a metal frame is like sleeping in the middle of an antenna, the effects it has on the body are therefore harmful.

How to recognize a bed with wire mesh? Usually to have this type of mesh are mainly comfortable beds with container box. If you live in a studio and for you one reason is not enough to leave the comfort of the container box, Pedano has another ace card to play: the container box stops the natural exchange of fresh air under the body and creates an unhealthy stagnation</ strong>.

Wanna know which is the moral of the story?
#1 to avoid beds made by metal or wire meshes
#2 to avoid beds with container box
For further information, look at Pedano‘s website.