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Let’s give the floor to (our) suppliers / Cascina Fraschina

Since 2012, when un posto a Milano first opened, it was fundamental – just as it is now – to cooperate every day with suppliers, farmers, breeders, winemakers, who are among the Italian food and wine excellences, as much as possible free from territorial distances, looking for the best raw materials for our dishes.

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An evening with bogueros and Winzer

On Sunday, March 4th, let's have a tasting and a dinner together with some Spanish and Austrian producers of natural wineries. From the 3rd to the 5th of March, LIVE WINE, the International Salon of natural wines, will come back to Palazzo del Ghiaccio in via...

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Negozio amico dell’aria – the shop

Un posto a Milano joined the project Negozi Amici dell'Aria (literally, Friends of the Air Shops), created this year by the association Genitori Antismog, a group that is actually active in Milan in these 15 years, through the promotion of several initiatives realized...

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