Our partners are companies which embrace the philosophy of un posto a Milano based on the importance of the REAL FOOD MILE, who believe, like us, that the search for ingredients deeply linked to the area of origin of the products of Italian excellence is important for the quality of everyone’s life.

Every partner contributes so that this philosophy can be implemented in the spaces of un posto a Milano in Cascina Cuccagna.

Here are the companies that work with us.


It provided the furniture and through simple and natural design has recreated the perfect example of our concept of Real Food Mile.


For the fabrics, for the tablecloths, the napkins, the aprons and cutlery drawer liners.


For the table accessories and kitchenware.

The contribution of every partner company has been fundamental and we are always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.

Companies interested in special projects or collaborations can contact us by writing to


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